Freedom 32 windlass and anchor rode question

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Freedom 32 windlass and anchor rode question

Postby Kommy000 » Fri Sep 21, 2018 6:36 pm

Since I got my 1984 Freedom 32 boat 3 weeks ago, I so far changed the old portlights to the new ones with 3M VHB tape and it came out great.
While doing that, looked over the anchor rode and electric windlass that I have and now I have a few questions.
1. As far as anchor rode, do people go with full chain on Freedom 32 or should I stick with rope and chain setup. I think I got now 125 feet which I think is too short, so was thinking of changing to 200 feet of rope and maybe 35 feet of chain, or again, is it recommended to go with full chain.
2. I have electric windlass on this boat with what looks like 2 wheels, one on left probably for a rope only and wheel on right for chain. My issue is, I never had to deal with electric windlass but from watching other boats, usually the line/chain wraps around and goes down into the anchor locker but this windlass was installed right above the v berth and the anchor locker is too forward and the hole to drop the chain/rope is on starboard side. I forgot to ask the original owner to show how he used it. Am I to assume, you wrap the line first on left and just let it collect on the deck and then put the chain portion on the right wheel and let it collect on the deck too and once anchor secured , then push it by hand through the hole on the starboard side into the anchor locker? Seems like a double work, but I guess it beats pulling the chain by hand?
Am I missing something here?
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Re: Freedom 32 windlass and anchor rode question

Postby Camino » Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:33 pm


Sounds like you have a horizontal windlass. Chain with nylon rode splice will go on the gypsy (sprokets visible to hold the chain or rope). Where you sail will determine how much rode you have and whether you use chain only or a combination chain and three strand nylon anchor rode. Ask around and see what people are using.

If using chain and 3 strand nylon rode, run the free chain end up the hawse pipe (in my case my windlass in inside my chain locker with a molded opening in my chain locker hatch for the anchor chain from shank to pass down) to the deck, wrap around the gypsy (with the teeth) and shackle (swivel shackle is nice) to the anchor shank. Good to have a rope line with a hook to take up tension on the chain to anchor to relieve stress. Both the chain first and then the rope will go through the gypsy teeth - get the turn direction right! The smooth gypsy is used for additional line handling with that winch if you need to)

Scope in calm conditions can be as low as 5:1, but 7:1 recommended. Current and conditions will dictate. I have 60’ chain with 250’ nylon rode. Chain is heavy so all chain will be typically for cruising with lots of anchoring, anchoring in jagged rock, etc... where weight is less of a concern...

Practice is good. You tube is good.

Others here will be way better at reviewing this than me!
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Re: Freedom 32 windlass and anchor rode question

Postby GeoffSchultz » Sat Sep 22, 2018 6:17 pm

I have 150' of chain + 100' of rode and that's gotten me through almost every anchoring situation in the North Atlantic, Caribbean and coastal Central America, including the Pacific. Rarely have I had to put out rode, but it's happened. I find that most boats anchor with all chain where I am, so I like to follow suit as boats on rode behave much differently than all chain. I know a lot or West coast anchorages are deep. Where are you planning on anchoring?

-- Geoff
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