Anchor rode attachment point

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Re: Anchor rode attachment point

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ketch22 wrote:The bridle takes all the stress off the windlass and lowers the boat attachment point, thus increasing scope.
Why do you think it lowers the boat attachment point? I've never seen that claimed before. It only lowers it to the height of the cleats above the water.

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Re: Anchor rode attachment point

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I use two nylon lines that form a V. The apex of the V has a large chain cleat that grabs the chain. The V assembly lowers the attachment of "boat to chain" to near the water line. While true that the stress of the anchor line is at deck level, the actual attachment level of the chain is closer to water level(and sometimes under water), thus lowering the height of the chain attachment. This reduces the scope.

For instance, with the chain coming off the bow roller, the scope angle will necessarily be greater than if the chain is at water level. Under severe strain the advantage is lessened, however in most circumstances, the chain being attached at water level will reduce scope.

Ketch 22

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