F30 aft cabin bunk plywood mod

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F30 aft cabin bunk plywood mod

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I have the aft cabin taken apart on my F30 right now. The large piece of plywood that serves as the base of the aft cabin bunk is a bear to remove and move around, so I'm contemplating how to improve it.
IMG_0165.jpeg (87.04 KiB) Viewed 1373 times
Here are the options I'm considering:

1. Cut the plywood lengthwise (fore/aft), just starboard of the center support. The port piece would attach the same as the current large piece. For the starboard piece, attach a new supports on each side (on the center support and the bulkhead. That way I can detach and remove in two manageable sections.

2. Cut the plywood widthwise (port/stbd) into strips and turn it into support slats with webbing to keep the slats together. Then add a support strip along the bulkhead. Would be able to roll it back as necessary to get to storage, and completely roll up for removal. Something like this:
11a0d651-7e23-4d04-9775-58bfec8f069f_1.6a56d2759ee13f0eb90fad935a9ed99d.jpeg (9.29 KiB) Viewed 1373 times
Anyone done a similar modification, have an opinion, or know a better method?

1988 Mull F30 #95
Edmonds, WA

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