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Thru-Hull Replacement

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:51 pm
by Camino
Goodway II is on the hard at KKMI Richmond- bottom paint, prop work, and thru hull housing replacement. In previous posts I noted the trouble I had with removing the speed paddle wheel transducer and putting in the blank plug while in the water. My usual habit was to put a blank in each time I docked, keeping the paddle wheel for speed fresh and clean. I would do this weekly. I use a tri-data transducer for speed, depth, and temperature. Raymarine equipment with airmar parts - specifically the airmar tri-data housing for the transducer. The housing comes with a flapper to greatly reduce water ingress when changing to the blank. The airmar housing flapper tended to last about 10 change-outs and the flapper would go missing. Changing out at that point would lead to a great quantity of water ingress! I bought several housing for "parts" and would change out the flapper - removing the parts was simple. I would plug the thru hull "hole", change the flapper, and be in business again. I emailed airmar with pics and video. My most recent purchase of the housing saw me quite puzzled as to how to remove the flapper! I couldn't. So I think they did something new. So, while on the hard, I removed the old housing with the gone missing flapper and put in the new one with what looks like the improved flapper- we'll see how that goes! But this post is really about a method I used to remove the old housing. Usually I would have on hand chisels, saws-all, hammer, etc., to break out the housing. After much cursing and time the housing would come out in many many pieces. this time I used a jig and socket wrench and the housing popped right out. The jig is a raised block of wood with a 3/8" hole in the center where a 6" bolt ran through. I used two washers (one large to fit the diameter of the thru hull and the other to fill in the gap) to fit over the top side of the thru hull, with a nut on that and a wrench to hold in place. Below I simply wrenched, the through hull popped down and out ( I did have to dremel tool cut abut 1/2" of housing off so my 6" bolt would fit). I loved it. the inside pic shows the wrenching all the way down... My bad on pic taking as I was once again single =handing... (BTW- credits go to You tube)