Keel sheathing on F36/38

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Keel sheathing on F36/38

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The boat was just hauled out of the water so the prep for spring begins!
I had a minor grounding this summer and the a piece of material sheathing the keel broke off the forward lower corner of the keel. Is the keel on the F38 (deep draft keel) encapsulated in fiberglass or is it fairing material? To me it looks like fiberglass.
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Re: Keel sheathing on F36/38

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Should be fairing unless PO covered up in glass to cover up a previous grounding.
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Re: Keel sheathing on F36/38

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The only version with an encapsulated keel is the shoal draft; the deep draft and wing keels are bolted on. As far as I know, they came from the factory with just barrier coat on the lead part of the keel, so any fairing on that was added afterwards.
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