Anyone use online outboard shop?

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Anyone use online outboard shop?

Post by RichF28 »

Found this site thru a google search. They sell outboards at a very low price. These are left over 2019 motors... They require you to pay thru PayPal, which makes me nervous. Can you still dispute a CC payment if its thru paypal?
Any advice is appreciated....
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Re: Anyone use online outboard shop?

Post by sforgey2 »


On your question about PayPal...I worked as an FTE Agile Transformation Lead Coach for years, still consult there.

Yup, if you pay money to a vendor you can dispute things, trap the money in the system if there is an issue. Turning in a dispute is simple, read the rules and make sure they will apply in reasons for dispute section. That is why people use it, that and the fact that they do NOT have your card or info.

Disputes triggers issues for the seller - much like any merchant services - they can cancel them, put a hold on revenue for 30 days - which means if they are using PayPal there likely aren't many disputes. Check online for reviews, issues.


If you just "send money", as if they were a friend - that money is GONE, never to return (unless someone broke into your account - which wouldnt be the case).

Hope that helps.
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Re: Anyone use online outboard shop?

Post by drcscruggs »

I would probably recommend that you not deal with them. I read some where about some out of the country fellows selling outboards at ridiculous prices. The buyers got scammed. I found this out by doing a search on the seller as I just bought one from a local dealer. I did some shopping around and got several bids. Finally got one I could live with. It was not as low as I could have gotten from some other vendors but it was local and if I had issues I am able (thinking I would be) to return for service/warranty/etcl I would consider (if buying online) going with ebay and or amazon. That way you could get your money back. Just my two cents. Best.

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Re: Anyone use online outboard shop?

Post by RadioZephyr »

That’s a scam. There are lots of those.
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