Cover to chain pipe

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Cover to chain pipe

Post by bjohnson66 »

I have dropped the cover to the chain pipe on my Freedom 25 overboard. Anyone have an idea as to where I could get a replacement?

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Re: Cover to chain pipe

Post by drcscruggs »

this one is kinda like mine. Not sure what yours is. ... lsrc=aw.ds

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Re: Cover to chain pipe

Post by Pearce »

Might check to see if it is a Sea Lux. If you just want the cover you might have to give them a call. ... ook-6-inch

Been thinking about how to seal it better offshore with water on the bow. Might Macgyver something with rubber balls and silly putty - ha ha

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Re: Cover to chain pipe

Post by Castaway »

If you just want to keep the water out, try using "BluTack", a sort of thick, non-marking adhesive for holding posters on the wall. Bit like putty, moulds well and doesn't harden. Just peel it off and roll into a ball when not in use. Not so elegant as the fittings shown in other posts, but an awful lot cheaper, and easily replaced if dropped in the oggin.
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