Freedom 21 Bonding wire

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Freedom 21 Bonding wire

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Hello, my 2nd post as a new Freedom 21 owner I am prepping.

When I checked the hull mast step I noted there is a broken wire attached to a bolt near that mast step that looks to be a ground/bonding wire with the other end coming from between the hull and interior hull liner below the porta potti. Is this a ground or bonding wire? When I removed the bolt to replace the broken wire the nut was lost. Was the nut somehow attached/wired to the mast and how does one go about fixing this problem.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the Freedom 21?

Thanks for any responses. Andy

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Re: Freedom 21 Bonding wire

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What color was the wire? If it was green it is probably the bonding wire for the masthead fitting. On my F38 the bonding wire that attaches to the masthead is connected to the rest of the bonding system with a screw and nut. When the mast is stepped, you're supposed to put the screw through the ring terminals at the end of both wires, and fasten them together with the nut.

I'm not sure if they did the same thing for the smaller boats, but it makes sense to me that the masthead would be bonded.
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