Bonded lightning system - Remove?

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Bonded lightning system - Remove?

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My Freedom 24 (Trippe) has what looks like a lightning rod at the top of the mast, and a big fat wire (thicker than a pencil) running down the mast, then has more of those wires running all over the boat to metal parts all over the boat.
Do anybody else have this, or was my boat once owned bay a lighting nut?
I have sailed on a lot of boats, but I have never seen this before, I would like to get rid of the mast run at the very least.

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Re: Bonded lightning system - Remove?

Post by peaceandfreedom »

Is, or was, your boat called Freudian Ship? A white hull F24 with lifting keel and tabernacle mast?
I looked at Freudian Ship years ago in Havre de Grace Maryland. The owner had lost his previous boat, a Dragonfly Trimaran, due to a lightening strike. I would not call the PO a lightening nut, but because of this loss, extra protection was installed on his F24. If it were up to me I would leave the lightening protection in place, possibly replacing the heavy wire with something smaller. I saw pictures of the Dragonfly and it was not pretty.

happy sailing
Jim D.

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