Fuel fill idea

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Re: Fuel fill idea

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Ahh, ok, that makes more sense. Having recently repowered, I tend to run my new engine at its optimal output nearly all of the time, which I didn't always do before. I also replaced the soundproofing in the engine compartment at the time, so it's much quieter now, which may have something to do with it.
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Re: Fuel fill idea

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Hi Gerald,

I'm surprised that you use so much diesel. My meticulous records give 1.5l per hour, year-after-year, admittedly including some motor-sailing and canal work, both with the old Volvo 2003 and the present Beta 30, both with fixed 3-blade props.

(Obviously, I did not make it to the Northern Isles so far this summer but have found a new hobby - moving house - to S Ronaldsay! Hopefully by 24 August, though the boat will stay in Argyll for the meantime - my country cottage, which has been out and about locally since 'relaxation'. Everyone should get a new hobby, great fun, sold in 48 hours to the nicest young family you could meet and bought a house I viewed in May'19 and left, reluctantly, at that time. Best Wishes.)
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Re: Fuel fill idea

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The figures I quoted are maxima; though I never get as low as 1.5 l/hr. Keeping speed above 5.5 kt in a seaway, without sail assistance, used over 2 l/hr with a two bladed prop, but I haven't done any precise measurements with the 3 bladed one. Most of my motoring is done in flat seas but against wind, and often current, too. In calmer conditions, I reckon on about 1.7 l/hr.

Hope you are enjoying Orkney! I worked there as a visiting consultant for a couple of years, and rarely got outside of Kirkwall, but I found it a very pleasant place, if more agricultural than Shetland. Haven't been back for ten years, though. Castaway is still in Sweden, so no sailing this year.

Best wishes,

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