Tohatsu SailPro 6hp Outboard?

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Tohatsu SailPro 6hp Outboard?

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My '79 28CK came without a diesel. It came from the factory with one, but the PO got rid of it in the 80's. Not at all interested in trying to put one back in. He replaced it with an outboard, and I received the boat with an electric start, 9.9hp Yamaha 4 stroke. The thing weighs an absolute ton, and I have no idea of the internals or maintenance done on it. The boat had been untouched for at least a decade when I got her-in mostly-fresh water at least.

I've been reading reviews on the Tohatsu 4-stroke 6hp motor with the extra long shaft and 'elephant ear' prop, and it seems like many folks swear by them, even for boats in the low 30' range. Does anyone here have first-hand or anecdotal experience with this motor? I like the idea of a pullstart with the option of a basic charging circuit to back up my solar. 61 pounds is a lot more attractive than the Yamaha's 100+lbs, too.

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Re: Tohatsu SailPro 6hp Outboard?

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I’ve owned about 15 outboards. Mostly Evinrude/Johnson. In the last ten years after having two Yamaha 15 hp I have switched over to all Yamaha and have a heavy as hell yes 8HP 4 stroke Yamaha on my 27’ oday and a Yamaha 6 HP on my 21’ Freedom in Wisconsin. Also an 8 hp on my dingy. They are all outstanding, reliable and easy to start. Smooth running no vibration etc. the Tohatsu’s are one of the few small outboard manufacturers left other than Yamaha, Mercury, and Tohatsu. Several of my friends have them and they are fine. I don’t see weight as a big deal. How often will you remove them. Is service the Yamaha and keep it. Also electric start is a great convenience. So will spend a lot on a new Tohatsu electric start. Put your money elsewhere.

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Re: Tohatsu SailPro 6hp Outboard?

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I bought a Honda BF6 for my F21, partly because of the good discount I got on that model. Very happy with it and It will push my boat up to Hull speed through chop without any problems. It's also about 60lbs. I didn't want to hook up batteries to it, more than happy with my solar input, so I got the pull start. Apart from when I squeezed the fuel pipe in the locker lid, I have found it very easy to start, quiet and vibration free.
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Re: Tohatsu SailPro 6hp Outboard?

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I suggest that comparing an F21 with an F28 CK is probably not a good way to go. My F30 CK (the UK-built version of the F28) when fully equipped weighs around 7 tonnes on the crane. I don't know if any F21 weighs more than 1 tonne. 6HP is not going to push an F28 anywhere near hull speed except in a flat calm. The original specification was 15 HP and mine has 20 HP. That will push her through quite difficult conditions, but not quickly. There have been times when if I'd had only 6 HP I would have been going backwards.
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Re: Tohatsu SailPro 6hp Outboard?

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It doesn't seem like enough hp (I actually have a tohatsu extra long shaft 6 hp outboard). I have a 24 foot S2 sailboat also. It will push it OK but hardly fast. FWIW, I would consider putting the diesel back inside and use it. I really think it would be a heck of a lot better. Now I have heard of folks that had similar boats with no inboard or outboard and sailed many miles. I don't have an issue with that with the idea that one has a lot of time to get back. It will require coming and going with the tides also. I can understand why one would opt for the outboard only because of money and some simplicity added. I just love the inboard and feel that the diesel is so much better than gasoline. Maybe I am just not salty enough. Best.

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