Lead Keel, Repairing the Pitting & Peeling

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Mark K.
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Lead Keel, Repairing the Pitting & Peeling

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I have a 35' with a lead wing keel that the coating has de-laminated in various spots exposing the lead. Last spring I removed all the loose spots I could find. There was a little pitting of the metal along some of the edges. I sanded, ground out and filled these spots with thickened epoxy which I think should be a sufficient repair. However, due to time constraints, I only did the sides of the keel and top of the wing. This fall/spring I intent to start on the bottom side of the wing portion - which I am dreading!
So considering I will need to lie on my back for many hours with paint, lead oxide and other detritus raining down on me...
...my question is what is the easiest/best way to remove the loose material and best material to seal/fair it to effect a repair?

I'm considering using a wire wheel, grinding discs or even sand blasting to get the loose paint off.
I'm thinking filling/sealing using West System Six10 thickened epoxy which comes in a cartridge and can be dispensed (and auto-mixed) with a caulking gun.
Looking for suggestions.
Thank you
Mark K.

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Re: Lead Keel, Repairing the Pitting & Peeling

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What about a paint stripper like Peel Away?https://dumondglobal.com/collections/pe ... products-1
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