Length of reefing lines on F30

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Length of reefing lines on F30


I have to replace the reefing lines since my boom (as well as my mast) was damaged by Hurricane Dorian and the yard cut away the lines in order to clear the debris.
I have cut about an inch off the forward end of the boom and drilled new holes to attach the end cap. As I guess was true of other Freedom 30s I have the single line reefing with the butterfly or shuttle blocks inside, meaning that the line that pulls down the leech (for each of the two reefs) is not the same as the line that pulls down the luff. Instead, they are each looped through a block inside the boom, so that reeling in the reefing line in the cockpit pulls down the luff as well as moving the shuttle block forward, thus pulling down the leech as well.
I am trying to estimate the length of the reefing lines needed. The F30 manual says that the starboard (first) reef line measures 52', and port (second) reef line 72', but it is not clear whether that is the total lenght (each has two parts) or refers to a different reefing system where the line is coninuous and does not use the shuttle block.
My logic in estimating their length is as follows. Take the first reef. The aft line that pulls down the leech needs to be at most twice the length of the boom, plus whatever amount of line that is needed to go from the sheave at the aft end of the boom to the cringle and back down to the boom if tied off there (it could be attached to the cringle with a hook instead). The boom length is 14', giving 2X14+2x5=38, so a 40' length should be adequate. As for the forward line (that pulls down the luff and goes to the cockpit), it also needs to be twice the boom length, plus the distance up to the luff cringle, down to the block at the base of the mast and aft to the cleat in the cockpit. This distance I estimate to be 2x14+5+11+20=64, though it could be longer since the line might run down to a block at the base of the mast rather than directly up to the cringle. So I would go with a 70' length.
Neither of these measurements corresponds to the 52' quoted in the manual.
The second reef measurements would be correspondingly longer by twice the difference between the two reef points.
I would be grateful for comments on my calculations and, even better, for actual measurements made by anyone who has replaced the reef lines.

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Re: Length of reefing lines on F30

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F30 reef line lengths you refer to are for the Kenyon boom used on the very early boats. They did not use "shuttle" blocks inside the boom like the Isomat booms do. I replace the original Isomat shuttle blocks with "married" single blocks which reduce friction and are less likely to capsize inside the boom. They are available at the FOR SALE page on my website warrenriverboatworks.com.
The reef line sets for the first and second reefs should be identical. The forward line of the set is of course longer to run back to the cockpit. As you pointed out a limiting factor is the length of the boom so by maximizing the length of the starboard and port reef assemblies they will be interchangeable and can serve as either the first or second reef.
I also simplify the original outhaul tackle to reduce clutter in the boom. Very few owners need more than a 2 to 1 tackle.

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