Restoring modified Freedom 45 CC to self-tending jib?

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Re: Restoring modified Freedom 45 CC to self-tending jib?

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Thanks John, good explanation and very helpful.
I still need to understand the camberspar “flop”, and the foot of the jib, but as you say, i’ll trawl thru the posts and gather more intel. Thanks again.

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Re: Restoring modified Freedom 45 CC to self-tending jib?

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I'll attempt to clarify the flop. The bow end at the spar is held onto the stay, so relative to port and starboard it is always midships. The stern end of the spar is held up by the luff of the sail and down by the single jib sheet. If you have the jib midships the arc of the spar (which is substantial) is also midships arcing from stern to bow while staying completely on center line. As the spar is moved port or starboard by the sheet and wind the arc also starts to lean to the same side so now as it leans it is placing a curve into the sail shape because of how tight the sail actually is to the spar while in it's recess. This recess is large enough to accommodate quite a bit of the spar laying sideways. The more the spar lays sideways or tilted due to letting the job sheet out, the more curve is placed into the sail shape, not that it ever really goes that far. At some point as you let the sheet out the wind pressure lessens and the sail will go flat again such as wing on wing. But where the sail is intended and designed for use, the slot effect, it adds the correct shape to the sail.

My first year with the boat I considered changing it in favor of a small roller furling set up mostly due to sail management. Now after 3 years I wouldn't consider it because of how well it works for helping slot draft, how simple the sail is to use under any conditions I have been in (30 to 35k at least) and now that I have raising and lower it down to somewhat of a science. In the stronger winds I've run under the camber spar alone still moving 5+ knots at barely 5 deg of heel. You won't break any speed records but man is it comfortable in strong winds.

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Re: Restoring modified Freedom 45 CC to self-tending jib?

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I'll add that I was doing 6's and 7's last November in 30kt winds with just the camberspar jib up. Crazy.
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