Camberspar storage

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Camberspar storage

Post by Belanich »

I store my camberspar with the sail furled on top and the curve facing upward. I have my sailmaker sew in a strap with a ring on top so that I can attach my jib halyard to relieve some of the load off the topping lift and to prevent it swaying side to side. However, I have seen others with the curve down. Is there a correct way? Are the other better ways to store the camberspar?

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Re: Camberspar storage

Post by rmraz »

I was wondering about this as well. As new owners of a Pedrick F 35 we are just learning the boat. I have been raising the topping lift up to keep the camberspar from hitting the mast. It curves to one side with the sail flaked on top.
Randy Mraz
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Re: Camberspar storage

Post by bobr »

Hi Guys,

I also have a Pedrick 35, for the past 4 seasons.

I use a tip that Dwight Escalara gave me when he surveyed my boat, and if you search here I think you may find his explanation of it.
Basically, forget about the topping lift (mine is tied off at the bow pulpit).

For storage, clip the jib halyard to the end of the camberspar and hoist it high enough so that the sail cover will be off the deck, and flake sail on top of spar. I find it easier to do with the curve angled downwards.

The real beauty of Dwight's method is dropping the jib. Head in to the wind, sheet it in amidships, and let the halyard go. The weight of the spar will bring the sail all the way down to the deck, or nearly so, even if it is blowing a bit.

Hope this helps.
Bob R.
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Re: Camberspar storage

Post by jlodolce »

I have a Freedom 40/40. I have a halyard which clips to the hardware on the mast end of the camberspar. As soon as I release the jib halyard as I am taking down the jib, I fully tighten the jib sheet as tight as it will go. The camberspar then automatically assumes an upright position. I then go forward, take the jib down and tie it to the camberspar. Here is a photo I stole off one of Geoff Schultz's postings
2020-11-30_15-42-08.jpg (12.13 KiB) Viewed 329 times
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