Mast wedges F35 Cat Ketch

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Mast wedges F35 Cat Ketch

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I am in process of restoring the carbon masts on my F35 built 1981.
I have a question regarding the wedges that support the mast in the deck opening.
Does anybody know any supplier of the wedges?
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Re: Mast wedges F35 Cat Ketch

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In the US, Smooth-On or Spartite make two part urethane resin systems that you can use to cast new wedges. My old ones were two half sleeves, so I kept one in place to support the mast, sealed around the bottom of the deck opening, built a dam on the deck to make things level, waxed the heck out of the opening and mast and did one pour. Then removed the old wedge and did a second pour to create the second wedge. Mast and deck hole need to be smooth and one should be tapered to help remove the new wedges. You can easily cut and sand the material for a flush fit.

To seal at the base of the wedges, I used a 1.5mm stiff plastic sheet with a hole the size of my mast diameter and a slit to get it around the mast and off again. Modeling clay (non -sulfur containing depending on the urethane system) worked great to seal things.

It was all easier than it sounds but a little nerve wracking (don't have your mold leak, dont glue your mast in place) By the time you do your second mast you will be an expert.

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