Is this a G10 rig?

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Re: Is this a G10 rig?

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Seems a complicate rig, but it isn't really. Remember, Gio adapted the setup of traditional Dutch barges, so the system has been tried and tested.

I put grommets every two feet on the luff, and on either side, top and bottom, of the batten pockets. I have five full length battens on each sail. I did this to give me flexibility on how I was going to lace my sails to the mast. I don't use all of them. The more turns of the rakbanden round the mast, the more friction resistance you'll have when hoisting.

For the boom choke, y copied the idea of the original rigging and had them made of wide and stiff webbing with ss rings sewn onto them. If you check in previous posts of mine, there are some pics of them.
The choke is not fixed like on a Nonsuch. This is because I have to change the height of the boom by a couple of feet in order to set the highest reef on the sail and keep the sail trimmed. A webbing choke that slides up and down the mast allows me to do this. The choke is attached to the mast with a line. I can change the length and tension of that line, but mostly I don't, and control the camber of the sail with the outhawl and the angle of the boom.

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Re: Is this a G10 rig?

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Thanks Rafael. I did look at your other post regarding the chocker and will save the picture. I'll figure it out, just needed a little direction to get this going. Now to suck up some OT to pay for sails....
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