Jibe Preventer for Freedom 32

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Jibe Preventer for Freedom 32

Post by sforgey2 »

Has anyone rigged a preventer for accidental jibes for a Freedom 32?

I often sail with family or get lulled to sleep with the motion of following seas. :( Although winds in Florida tend not to shift quickly or often, now and again the sail gets back winded. I have see a number of products out there for preventing accidental jibes.

Anyone with any experience with them?

How did you rig it? Attachment point to the boom? Pictures?

My inclination was to rig a quick one to the toe rail, but love to hear everyone's thoughts and experience with this.

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Re: Jibe Preventer for Freedom 32

Post by RadioZephyr »

I added a permanently rigged preventer to my boom 2years ago, and it’s been quite handy. I say that it’s “permanently rigged” because it is eye spliced to a pad eye on the underside of the aft end of the boom and runs to a cleat about 3/4 of the way to the mast. That way, it’s always ready to use. If I’m lucky, I just need to untie it from the cleat on the boom and tie it off to my bow cleat. If I’m unlucky, and the line is on the windward side of the boom, I first need to lead it around my main sheet and boom vang. I’ve heard that larger boats have two of these lines set up in order to avoid this, with one on each side. However, I don’t have the real estate for that, and it doesn’t bother me much to switch it over.

I just remembered I posted some pictures of it in a previous thread: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=13082&p=52274&hilit ... ter#p52274
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Re: Jibe Preventer for Freedom 32

Post by newt2u »

I added an easily attached rig that gets stored in the cockpit and can be rigged in minutes. Not on a freedom boat but a Coaster 33 that I have just sold. Although a gybe was relatively safe on that boat, I found it useful when polling out the genoa wing on wing, dead downwind. I had a carabiner attached to the sheet eye on the end of the boom, which ran through a block attached to a forward cleat by a shock cord loop and led back to the cockpit. Also useful for holding the boom out when I deployed my flopper-stopper at anchor
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