Camber Spar jib Track or no Track

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Camber Spar jib Track or no Track

Post by MollyR »

I have used a Camber spar jib for many years, first as a replacement to the staysail on a Cape dory 330 and now I am having one made for my Pacific Seacraft Dana.
The question: Track or no track?
I know some FY owners have had trouble with theirs and taken it off.
I LOVED the track on my Cape Dory (left over from the CD staysail rig.) I feel it allows me to more effectively flatten the jib if needed.

What do you guys think? Any feedback or opinions would be appreciated.

Thanks very much.

-- MollyR

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Re: Camber Spar jib Track or no Track

Post by Stephen_H »

I personally don’t feel like a track would be necessary, at least for how my F30 jib is cut with the camberspar. The forward end of the camberspar is the most forward projection of the luff and rides on the stay. So adjusting the tightness of my halyard also adds downward pressure to the clue and flattens the sail. I’m far less happy with performance in lighter wind, where the weight of the camberspar prevents the jib from rising. Hadn’t thought of this before, but maybe I should try adjusting the topping lift to support in light winds? Anybody tried that?
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