Camber spar

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Camber spar

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I was hoping somebody can point me in the right direction.
I was inspecting my sails and realized that camber spar white plastic wheel completely chewed up, plus I thing there was a spring at the other end to keep the jib tight.
Was hoping someone can point me in the right direction for the replacement wheel. I'm guessing it is 1 1/2" diameter by 3/8" thickness. Not sure about the spring if there was one. I guess I can always shorten and tighten the line at the end of the jib.
see attached pics.
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Re: Camber spar

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Re: Camber spar

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“The camberspar is designed to deflect the headstay several inches, automatically providing proper headstay tension to maintain an efficient leading edge. For this reason, the headstay should not be pretensioned, tighten the turnbuckle only enough to remove the slack in the wire.” Freedom owner’s manual.

The forestay on a Freedom with a camber spar should not be tight as on a regular jib.
When installing the jib, put in the camber spar in first, attach it to the forestay then attach the aft end of the spar. Then attach the clips to the headstay. Instead of a triangle, the jib takes on a trapezoidal shape. That will relieve the pressure on the wheel. There is no spring. Pull hard to get the clew on the horns.

Now about getting a new one. Go to You will find camber spar parts there. Some units are welded in. If you have one, Paul at Warren River will do

Find a Freedom owner in your area and go look at their rig. A quick visual tour will educate you.
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Re: Camber spar

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Paul Dennis of Warren River Boatworks, Warren RI is an irreplaceable source for knowledge of Freedoms, and for parts and service. He built these boats. A treasure and a super nice guy.

Paul took over the Camberspar business and the parts inventory a few years ago. He replaced that wheel — I think the proper term is sheeve — in my Camberspar a couple years ago. I’m sure he’ll have what you need.

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