Broken rivets on Sail Track on 39 Express

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Broken rivets on Sail Track on 39 Express

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Greetings all,

Needing some experts advice on my carbon mast and aluminum mast track. The boat is a freedom express 39 cat ketch and we've been doing a fair amount of heavy wind sailing back and forth across the sea of cortez over the last year in 25-40 knot winds. Its starting to take its toll on the sail track as i recently found on the main mast (Fore). The issue is the cars were jamming and i realized they were jamming exactly where the two pieces of mast track join. We'd lost one rivet and seems like a few others had broken as the aluminum sail track was lifting up for 3-4 inches at the top of the joint. Its roughly 6-8 ft above the boom at the joint between the two parts of the sail track? I need to inspect the rest of the mast when back with the boat in Mexico in 4 weeks time. Questions?

1. Roughly how thick is the carbon mast about 6-7 ft above the boom or 10-12 ft above deck?
2. I haven't been up to measure the one rivet hole but any idea what thickness/depth the original rivets were? Rivet heads seem to be 8mm
3. Finally do i use rivet (monel) or stainless screw them back using 5200 in the holes? Or any other rivet? Try Folding exploding rivets???!!

Thank you in advance!


PS- two photos. the one shows the mast track joint higher up.
Mast 2.JPG
Mast 2.JPG (1.28 MiB) Viewed 283 times
Mast 1.JPG
Mast 1.JPG (1.2 MiB) Viewed 283 times

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