Camber spar

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Camber spar

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Ok people. Which one of the holes on the inboard end of the spar is for the topping lift and which one for the sheet?

As you know there is a sort of oval metal loop welded to the end of the spar. One loop is pretty snug to the spar while the other stands proud 3 or 4 inches.

I think I have them backwards but no mention of this rigging in the F30 manual I possess. A strange exclusion given the uniqueness of the spar. And, I admit, a strange question to be asking after 23 years of ownership.
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Re: Camber spar

Post by rvivian »

Years ago, I downloaded the attached PDF from David Bierig, of Bierig Sailmaker (camber spar inventor.

The long tang goes down.
Camber spar assembly.pdf
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Re: Camber spar

Post by GeoffSchultz »

On my 40/40 I have the long end attached to the jib sheet so that there's sufficient force to keep the camber spar arched upward so that the hatch (and Breeze Booster) can be open without rubbing sailcover.
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