40/40 anchor chain roller

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40/40 anchor chain roller

Post by Riki »

This may not be the right place to post this question, but figured I'd try. Our '97 40/40 likely has the original 2 anchor rollers and they are very worn out. We are looking for both and can't seem to find the chain roller that is just forward of the anchor locker. It is clearly part of the original boat because the fiberglass is shaped around it. Has anyone replaced it? Where did you find it? I'm enclosing a picture.
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Re: 40/40 anchor chain roller

Post by bad »

You may be able to find a boat trailer roller you can adapt. The keel rollers are similarly shaped. They tend to be longer than what you’re looking for, but you can cut the ends off to size and that would also reduce the overall diameter. You can also buy a piece of round black Delrin - better UV resistance than the white - and a machine shop can make you something.

I cannot figure out if the roller is actually providing some guidance or mostly keeping the chain off the deck. If the latter, it doesn’t really have to turn. You could fabricate something using white seaboard plastic. Super easy to work with, great UV resistance, very slippery.


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Re: 40/40 anchor chain roller

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You might be able to find something on McMaster-Carr. This is a simple part so you could just buy a tube of the right dimensions and cut it to length. If you can provide the inner and outer diameters I can try and give you a link. A rough guess at the dimensions gives this possible candidate: https://www.mcmaster.com/8628K43/
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Re: 40/40 anchor chain roller

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I have replaced ours several times. I make it out of HDPE and drill it out, on a lathe. If you don't have a lathe, bring it to a machine shop and they should be able to do it quickly.

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