Feedback on Freedom 38 wanted by Good Old Boat

Feedback on Freedom 38 wanted by Good Old Boat

Postby Al Lorman » Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:41 pm

From Good Old Boat magazine:

Owners' reviews of the Freedom 38

We're looking ahead once more to the boat scheduled for review in our January 2014 issue. This time around we're looking for input from current and former owners of a Freedom 38.

Do you own a Freedom 38? Have you had one in the past? If yes, please get in touch with Dan Spurr at:

Do you know someone who owns or has owned one? If yes, please forward this message to that sailor.

If you have experience with this boat, please tell Dan Spurr about the sailing characteristics (good and bad), the level of quality in the build, quirky things to watch out for, the good things that are true selling points for the boat, and anything else that springs to mind.

If this isn't a boat you've sailed in the past, please stay tuned for future messages. We'll be sending a notice like this every two months. We're bound to come upon a boat that is or has been in your collection over the years.

Right now, if you have had experience with the Freedom 38, we're anxious to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your experience with "the rest of us"!

The crew at Good Old Boat
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Re: Feedback on Freedom 38 wanted by Good Old Boat

Postby CrazyRU » Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:09 am

Freedom 38 and Freedom 36 (Garry Mull) are essentially same boat. Freedom 38 has a swim platform. Are you going to include F36 in review too?
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