1989 F30/32 Holding Tank

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1989 F30/32 Holding Tank

Post by SailRI »

Anyone know where i can find a bow holding tank to fit 1989 F30/32 ?
Have been to all the tank manufacturers that i could find on the net but it seems i will have to have a custom tank made.
Just checking if there are any places that i may of missed.

Top measurements (aft-fwd)
L = 23.5"
W = 29' - 12"
H = 12.75" - 8'"

Tank is tapered
Bottom measurement
W = 12" - 6"

capacity ~ 15gal


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Re: 1989 F30/32 Holding Tank

Post by SailRI »

i don't normally reply to my own question but here it goes.

i finally found the holding tank thru a number of leads, turns out it is mfg by Kracor (right, never heard of them) check their website Kracor.com and you will see its a 16gal tank mold #3300 /part #2-70616B.

Turns out they do not have any inventory but mold tanks on spec.

Due to the fact that they may make one tank for me>> Kracor has quoted me $433.19 + shipping from WI (not exactly cheap but not that bad).

Kracor only takes checks .... no CCards sent to them. (sounds like a Ponzi scheme!)

Anyway i plan to order next week as I have run out of leads and time.

If anyone want to in on one with me, maybe we can get a discount?

Oh well like they say about boats ....

Rob Winslow
Newport RI

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Re: 1989 F30/32 Holding Tank

Post by 1980raven »

Hi Rob, My son had a holding tank fabricated from SS here in Bristol, RI at Luthers welding. Didn't cost over $500. http://www.lutherswelding.com/index.html
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Re: 1989 F30/32 Holding Tank

Post by cspang32 »

I just called Kracor to order a holding tank for my Freedom 32. They would not take the order, saying that they will only sell to boat building companies. The folks from the yard where my boat is stored tried to place an order, but received the same answer.

I tried Luther's, per the recommendation of another post, and they are working on a quote.

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