Freedom 32 questions

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Freedom 32 questions

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Hi, I am seriously considering purchasing a 1984 Freedom 32 and had several questions for the forum.

I'm an intermediate sailor with 3 years experience including ASA 101/103 on an Ericson 32, lots of follow up on my classmates Dufour 2800 (27'), several years ownership of an O'Day Daysailer (16'9"), and an awesome summer this year on a Hobie Wave (14' length, 7' beam).

Recently I saw a couple of Freedom 32s for sale near our home. I'm drawn to the ease of sailing & spacious cabin. I've looked at a lot of boats for sale in the past, mainly full keel like Pearson Tritons, Cape Dorys, etc. But my tastes have changed :)

What I've realized is that I want to get my young family involved in sailing too. My wife likes sailing, but would feel much safer on a larger boat. Our sons are ages 4 1/2 and 5 months; I want to get them used to the water (beyond the older boy's swimming lessons) and learn to love sailing as much as I do. The Freedom is a boat we could use for day trips with friends, overnights nearby, and eventual coastal cruising.

So I've got several questions for folks on this forum. I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts - will probably be going to see both Freedoms next week - and ideally sail one too. Here is what I'd like to get your feedback on:

Capsizing- how is the mast stepped to the keel? How does the carbon fiber mast hold up in a knockdown? Has anyone on the forum actually capsized an F32?
Heaving to - is this possible with a self-tending jib which is much smaller than the mainsail? If not, how else can an F32 sit tight during a storm?
Reefing - has anyone had - or heard of - issues with the in-boom reefing system? How does it actually work? Does it work well?
Standard vs. deep keel - any comments/feedback/experience other than the obvious 1’1” draft difference?
Jib - is it possible to adjust at all for better performance? Note: I *do* realize this is a self-tending jib
Halyards - can you raise & lower all sails from the cockpit?

Thanks in advance for any & all replies!


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Re: Freedom 32 questions

Post by St-leg »

Have you received any replies privately? Curious about the answers to your questions.

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Re: Freedom 32 questions

Post by Goose13 »

I just bought my second freedom a few weeks ago (F33CK). I had a F21 for 7 years it was my first boat and after owning a Freedom with no stays to worry about I don't know how other people do it with Stayed mast always having it in the back of their mind that if one breaks they might loose the whole rig. I've been knocked down 3 times on my 21, all were the result of wind direction change over 30 degrees. Each time after easing the sheet she rounded up righted within a few seconds. The worst one I had the cockpit filled with water and was 2-3 inches from dumping into the cabin.

Reefing is simple and is done from the cockpit in four easy steps.
1. Turn into the wind until the main luffs.
2. Lower the Main Halyard to your pre marked reef position.
3. Winch in your reef line until the clew is pulled in tight on the boom.
4. Retrim your sail as you steer back on course.
It can all be done in under a minute.

Good Luck
Doug and Marie
Millennnium Falcon F33 CK cb #4
1980 wish bone booms Electric Drive

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