Rebdding and riveting mast track

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Rebdding and riveting mast track

Post by gamayun »

On my recent return from Kauai, about 4 days out, the rivets started popping loose from my lower sail track. It appears that the heads are working loose, but a couple are pulling out. I am planning to drop the mast, drill out all the old rivets, rebed the mast track and re-rivet. Has anyone done this? What did you use for adhesive? Aluminum or stainless rivets? What did you use on the rivets? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
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Re: Rebdding and riveting mast track

Post by drcscruggs »

Is there a reason not to use stainless screws? It seems like this maybe a better ( more strong) solution. Just a thought. Best.

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Re: Rebdding and riveting mast track

Post by rvivian »

Search for "Alabama Queen" in the archives and read the extensive info provided on this topic by Michael as he rebuilt her.
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Re: Rebdding and riveting mast track

Post by Lionel7 »

I reattached the lower track on my Freedom 21 a few years ago. Talked to West Systems technician about the application. They recommended Six10. Really strong stuff. Lots of advice on the riveting in the archives. I used stainless rivets I got from Fastenal special order. You have to get the length correct based on your mast thickness. The project came out well. I think it is stronger than original.

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Re: Rebdding and riveting mast track

Post by dwight »

Carbon fiber is very cathodic and will cause galvanic corrosion of every other metal, including stainless steel. Monel rivets are a better choice.
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Re: Rebdding and riveting mast track

Post by bbarnewolt »

Good write up on rivets vs. screws used on spars in the current issue of Practical Sailor. Based on my reading, I agree that monel rivets seem best and your plan seems sound.
Good luck. Let us know what you do.
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