28 CK Bilge Pump(s)

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28 CK Bilge Pump(s)

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Hello, all.

Okay, as day 2 of 'The Big Clean' wore on yesterday, I was finally able to clean out the area under the cockpit/behind the steps (where the engine used to be). Wood, no less than 5 oars, a fuel bladder (unused), a water bladder, sailing rig for a Port-a-Bote, lumber, aluminum scraps, and more.

I noticed the bilge area had a larger-diameter bilge pump hose that runs to the hand pump under the cockpit grate by the steering quadrant, then a smaller hose to an electric Rule pump in the same bilge area that discharges by the quadrant. Is this a standard setup, and is this the only bilge area on this boat? Floorboards aren't removable, and I can see drains in the v-berth and settee lockers, so I'm assuming everything (is supposed to) run aft to the well.

Also, since neither of the pumps is functioning, I'd love to know the make.model of the hand pump to replace/rebuild, and any suggestions on a replacement electric.

Thanks! Jeff

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