engine sizing for an F28 ck Hoyt

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Re: engine sizing for an F28 ck Hoyt

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andygc wrote:Rafael
Here's my FeatherStream with the flat anode. No modification to the rudder needed.
Many thanks Andy. This is very useful! Actually, I was looking at the prop this very afternoon (under the rain!) And taking measurements. Will get in touch with Darglow again and review options.
The boat is on the hard in Brest at the moment. I may have to take the engine out. The mounting bolts have worked themselves loose form the grp cradle. Probably need to be cemented in again. Then would be a good time to change the prop and (perhaps) upgrade the engine too. I don't know how easy/hard would be to do that here in France, but needs to be done!
Thanks again
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Re: engine sizing for an F28 ck Hoyt

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The only wrinkle is that you have to take the rudder off to change the prop - but not to change the anode! ;)
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Re: engine sizing for an F28 ck Hoyt

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I have original yanmar 2qm15 13 hp motor.
I have no problem to cruise at 5.5 knots with max just over 6 knots in ideal conditions.
Not sure about prop size, it is two blade, I believe original one.
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Re: engine sizing for an F28 ck Hoyt

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Clave' s original volvo transmission gave up, an inability to repair led to repower. Beta more expensive here,and although I liked it, we went with Yanmar 2ym15. Higher rpm just takes getting used to. Spinning 16 inch two blade. Flat water 5.5 knots. Fat heavy boat with windage could use more power but I use the engine to get out of canals and no wind. We have hit 9 knots sailing but often moving at 4-6 knots. Plan to sail soon.
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